Cutting Edge

Training & Support

Contracting Support

As soon as you decide to join the PPMG team, we help you contract easily and efficiently. If the process get’s hung up on, we have the contacts to move the process forward again. Either way, we have you covered.

Case Design

Uncover massive sales opportunities with our Sales Coaches who help you with your case designs.

Software Training

Our sales & marketing coaches take you step by step through how to sell IUL products and how to utilize marketing assets such as the Digital Financial Advisor and 7 Habits of Tele-Sales. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable with all of the tools available to you.

PPMG Monthly Webinars

Monthly training webinars will touch on a different aspect of your business, from Sales, Marketing and Product information. We also have guest speakers with top producers and executive from top companies.

Digital Marketing Training Portal

The Digital Marketing Fast Track Training portal is packed with training from how to leverage. There is great training here to leverage online marketing.